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Options Core Concepts

In this session, all you have to bring is an interest in learning. Do you want to know what an option is, why they exist and how they work? You'll find out all this and more. The Options Industry Council's knowledgeable and experienced options market professionals will explain all the basics in an easy-to-follow format that goes at a comfortable pace and covers the terminology you need to know. If you've thought in the past that options weren't right for you, give OIC an opportunity to change your perspective. Options can be an incredible tool for investors of all levels who want to manage risk or pursue potential avenues for profits. We'll tell you everything you need to know.

Building Your First Options Trade

So you're ready to get started with actually constructing an options trade. That's great - but what are the steps you need to take? We've got it covered. Every options investor in the world started where you are, including the professionals at the Options Industry Council. That's why we're confident we are the ideal resource to help you understand all there is to know about calls, puts, strikes, expiration, assignment, market structure and clearing. In this educational session, we'll use sample scenarios to show you how trades work from start to finish. Also, our instructor will define the various order types that every options investor needs to know, and describe how to monitor your positions so you can identify what is going well and what isn't. Just bring your questions and your willingness to learn.

So What Can You Do With Options?

Options are incredibly versatile tools for generating income and managing risk. In this educational session, professionals from the Options Industry Council will go over a variety of strategies you can use, including covered calls, collars and cash-secured puts. Understanding the risks and benefits of options is key for all investors, and OIC's instructors are prepared to share their decades of market knowledge and experience with you. Be sure to join us.

Webinar Series

Every month, our in-house experts – along with industry leaders – will be presenting webinars on a wide range of options topics. From the opening welcome to the last question, we’ll be done in just about an hour. We hope you’ll make the time to join us and commit to learning more about listed options.

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